Welcome to Vienna Calling 2012!

Servus Couchsurfers!

The Vienna Couchsurfing Community is happy to welcome you to Vienna Calling 2012, our big international CouchSurfing event! It is the fourth edition of this great event and we are glad to count on all of you to continue with the tradition. :)

We are preparing a great many events for you to take part in. Workshops, BBQs, games, cultural events, cooking events, concerts and of course some parties in between. To keep updated on all that is happening and to let us know that you are coming, please have a look at our meeting page, and CSjoin the event!

Meeting page:


Like every year, Vienna Calling has a Base. Traditionally the base is an open-air area exclusively booked for us at the green banks of the famous Danube river. We will enjoy everything it has to offer, including a grill place which we will be keeping hot all day. The base is where everybody gets together, we do many activities like workshops, games, competitions, sports, talking, eating, dancing, swimming, resting, singing, playing music and, and and.. :)
Check the BASE for more info!

While the Base is the main meeting place, there will be also other activities happening in the city organized by our local members. From exploring the city and visiting its cultural places to Free Hugs! Have a look at the sub-events in the main meeting page. Needless to say that we have scheduled a Kick-off Party, Main Party and another party in between ;)

If you have any questions or are interested in more information, check out our discussion group:

It's gonna be LEGENDARY!
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