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The Vienna Community is happy to welcome you to Vienna Calling 2013, our big international event! This year we celebrate its 5th edition and have prepared a long weekend full of surprises.

To keep updated on all that is happening and to let us know that you are coming, please have a look at our meeting pages, and join us!

Facebook event page:

CS event page:

Traditionally our base is an open-air area exclusively booked for us at the green banks of the famous Danube river. We will enjoy everything it has to offer, including a grill place which we will keep hot all day. The base is where everybody gets together, we do many activities like workshops, games, competitions, sports, talking, eating, dancing, swimming, resting, singing, playing music and, and and.. :)

While the Base is the main meeting place, there will be also other activities happening in the city organized by our local members. From exploring the city and visiting its cultural places to Free Hugs. Have a look at the program!

As every year, VC will have a cool wristband. It's made of clothe and it literally lasts for years if you want a nice memory of the event.
The wristband gives you free access to all party locations plus some special treats. The collaboration of it it's only 10 euros and it also help us to cover much of the organisation expenses.

Highlights of the event

- The Stroh80 picture. Stroh is a type of austrian rum, available in different versions like 40, 60 being 80 the highest. 80% alcohol! W

Saturday 1st of June:

- International games @Base: Potatoe sack race, 3-leg race, eaters race, spoon&egg, wheel barrel, tug of war, even a beer-drinking race!
The Vienna Calling Organization will provide all the necessary equipment. You just have to build your team and play! Of course the winner team gets a prize ;)

- "V" Party @Replugged (Main Party): Hear of letter parties? We are gonna have one! And the letter is "V", guess why ;)
It is basically obligatory to come with a costume, anything that starts with the letter "V", sounds weird but there are plenty of options, some examples here:

So, be creative and help us make an unforgettable party! AWESOME Prize for the best costume ;)

- From 9pm Live Band! Balkan Tango Vibes

People who register through this website will benefit from some special incentives like free drinks. Your registration really help us.
Thank you!

In general, people who register through this website will benefit from our consumption vouchers as an incentive for helping us organising this event BETTER. Your registration really help us. Thank you!